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Do you enjoy unique quality coffee without the marketing hype and the need to start a new coffee brewing hobby ?

This page is for you !

iKhofi believes there are only two types of coffee - a coffee you enjoy drinking and a coffee you do not. With relavent official qualifications and knowledge coupled to 15 years commercial coffee roasting experience, iKhofi knows what the discerning Gauteng coffee drinker wants. That is why we refer to our coffee as ABOL BUNNA (Amharic), which translates to FIRST COFFEE  in the language of the orgin of coffee.

Our coffee comes in three catagories :
iKhofi Single Origin; iKhofi Brewing Blends and iKhofi Espresso Blends.

All are freshly roasted and are never more than 72 hours out of the roaster when purchased. To ensure the freshness of our coffee each packet is roast dated.

To enjoy our coffee at their fullest we recommend whole beans are purchased and the coffee ground just prior to brewing. Additionally, only pruchase as much coffee as will be consumed in one week to a maximun of four weeks period and never keep coffee in the fridge or freezer. Following these three single rules assures maximim coffee satisfaction.
iKhofi Single Origin

iKhofi normally has three to five single orgin coffee in stock. These come as a medium (City Roast) and a medium to dark (Full City Roast) roast. Since Gauteng coffee drinkers are not very partial to lighter roasts, our single origin coffee is not roasted to this roast degree during standard operations. We can provide our single origin coffee as a lighher roast on a roast to order basis (minimum order 1.5 Kg and 24 to 48 hour lead time). Please contact iKhofi (info@ikhofi.co.za) to learn which single origin coffee we currently have in stock.

iKhofi Brewing Blends

iKhofi Espresso Blends

Prices and Discounts

250 g Packets :

Single Origin       - R 95 to R 120
Brewing Blends   - R 90 to R 110
Espresso Blends  - R 90 to R 120

To encourage brewing of only freshly roasted coffee and therefore purchases of smaller amounts of coffee on a regular basis. Customers who buy our coffee weekly get a R 10 discount per 250 g packet. Regular coffee buyers (purchasing our coffee at least once per month) get a R 5 discount per 250 g packet.

Larger Quantities :

iKhofi does discount larger orders of one type of coffee (at least 2 Kg) provided they are ordered regularly (every week or monthly). Contact iKhofi (info@ikhofi.co.za) detailing your coffee requirements and we will get back to you.
iKhofi Delivery Service

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