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Packet of Pure Coffee Joy !

Do you enjoy exclusive coffee without the marketing hype and the need to start a new coffee brewing hobby?

This page is for you!

iKhofi believes there are only two types of coffee - a coffee you enjoy drinking and a coffee you do not. Since our inception, the primary ambition is the making of unique flavour and aroma coffee which always meets our customers approval. With relevant official qualifications and knowledge, coupled with over 15 years commercial coffee roasting experience, iKhofi knows what the discerning coffee drinker appreciates. That is why we describe our coffee as ABOL BUNNA (Amharic), which translates to FIRST COFFEE in the language of the origin of coffee, Ethiopia.

ABOL BUNNA comes in three varieties:
Single Origin; Brewing and Espresso.

All are freshly roasted and are never more than 48 hours out of the roaster when purchased. To guarantee their freshness each packet is roast dated.

To enjoy our coffee at their fullest we recommend whole beans are purchased and the coffee ground just prior to brewing (if you do not own a grinder, iKhofi will grind your coffee). Additionally, only purchase as much coffee as will be consumed in one week to a maximum of four weeks period and never store coffee in the fridge or freezer. Following these three simple rules assures utmost ABOL BUNNA satisfaction.

ABOL BUNNA - Brewing

Recommended for Filter, Plunger (French Press), Mocha Pot etc. coffee brewing methods.

The ABOL BUNNA Brewing range is available in four quality standards:

Brewing        250 g / R 65.00     1.0 Kg / R 200.00
Connoisseur  250 g / R 80.00     1.0 Kg / R 260.00
Gourmet       250 g / R 95.00     1.0 Kg / R 320.00
Gold             250 g / R110.00    1.0 Kg / R 380.00

Coffee brewers preferring a richer (fuller/deeper) coffee flavour are advised to try one of our ABOL BUNNA Espresso offerings.

Looking for the ultimate brewed coffee experience try our Single Origin range and discover your favourite.

ABOL BUNNA - Espresso

Recommended for commercial espresso, domestic (home) espresso and bean to cup machines.

Available in different quality standards. Please note; higher quality does not necessarily always equate to greater coffee enjoyment.

Espresso        250 g / R 65.00     1.0 Kg / R 200.00
Connoisseur   250 g / R 80.00     1.0 Kg / R 260.00
Gourmet        250 g / R 95.00     1.0 Kg / R 320.00
Gold              250 g / R110.00    1.0 Kg / R 380.00

Prefering a lighter less full machine brewed coffee we suggest giving our Brewing or Single Origin offerings a try.

ABOL BUNNA - Single Origin

iKhofi always has a collection of single origin coffee in stock. Tell us how you make your coffee and we will recommend a single origin that is sure to get your coffee senses smiling.

Like our brewing and espresso ranges, ABOL BUNNA Single Origin comes in different quality standards:

Standard       250 g / R  95.00     1.0 Kg / R 320.00
Rare             250 g / R110.00     1.0 Kg / R 380.00
Exotic           250 g / R140.00     1.0 Kg / R 500.00

Payments and Discounts

We accept cash, EFT and SnapScan payments.

Customers purchasing their 250 g packets weekly get R10.00 off per packet. Regular buyers of 250 g ABOL BUNNA packets (at least 1 purchase per month) get a R5.00 price deduction per packet.

ABOL BUNNA in our 1.0 Kg packets are already discounted. No additional discounts are applicable.

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